Of late, there has been an increase in the number of CBD oil users in the United Kingdom and this has resulted to a special interest in what it is and what the oil actually does. Almost everyone knows that the oil is an extract of the cannabis plant, but its legality is still being questioned by some.

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The legal status of cannabidiol oil in the UK is a hot topic of discussion as the exact laws governing its use still prove to be confusing for many. Some people say that it is illegal whereas others think the opposite. This article aims to bring clarity on the lawful status of CBD oil and hopefully a stop to the confusion.

Is the stuff allowed in the UK?

Yes. CBD oil is legal in the United Kingdom. The oil has been permitted all this while. In fact, there has never been a law that specifically forbade the use of this oil. This is due to the fact that cannabidiol is not a controlled substance and thus no restrictions can be placed over its usage. If the CBD product is acquired from one of the sixty-three industrial hemp varieties approved by the European Union, then it is 100 percent legal. That, however, does not mean that all cannabis oils are allowed.

It is still illegal to possess, sell or even purchase cannabis oil itself in the UK. However, the law was recently changed to recognize CBD as medication. This implies that CBD is legal with respect to medicine. Therefore, even though cannabis oil cannot be freely sold or purchased in the country, a lot of people are still able to legally use it for medical purposes. Simply put, the oil is allowed for medical purposes.

Current laws governing its use

First and foremost, THC is an important factor to consider when it comes to cannabis oil being legal in the United Kingdom. It is the compound responsible for causing the “high” often linked to cannabis use. It is found in CBD and is illegal in the UK. Thus, even though cannabidiol is permitted, there are some strict restrictions placed over its THC concentration levels. At present, CBD oil in the United Kingdom can have a maximum THC concentration level of 0.2 percent. Anything higher than that is illegal and its use is forbidden in the country.

Second, the law regarding the legal sale of CBD in the UK ever since the decision made in January 2017 has been that in order to sell it, you are either a licensed medical distributor or an alternative is to trade it as a nutritional or food supplement.

Third, CBD is not categorized as a controlled drug in the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971. Additionally, it is not in the Psychoactive Substances Act 2016. Therefore, provided that no medical claims are made and that it is openly sold as a food supplement, then it is remains legal to possess, sell, and purchase.

Fourth, there exist various rules and regulations that all food supplements in the country must follow. One of them is that they must be clearly labeled and cannot be advertised as treating or preventing certain human diseases. This is in accordance to The Food Supplements (England) Regulations 2003. What this means is that producers and retailers are limited as to what they can claim about their products.

Cannabidiol oil is being sold on the UK high street

The use of CBD oil in the United Kingdom is still relatively new and there are some individuals that are not completely on board with this idea. It is, however, gradually growing in popularity as more and more cannabis oil UK websites are popping up online. Individuals are starting to realize that there are numerous therapeutic benefits associated with the oil. For instance, some people suffering from chronic pain related conditions claim that the oil significantly reduces this. Similarly, a lot of cancer patients have found the oil to be quite helpful in relieving most of their worst symptoms. What’s more, the oil is even thought to help with anxiety and insomnia.

This growth in the number of people using CBD oil for medical purposes is mainly due to the fact that it is available on the UK high street. A lot more people can now easily access it. And the best part is that it is being sold at pocket-friendly prices. Also, a huge number of significant health food stores located all over UK are now selling the oil to buyers. Since this began, the number of cannabis oil sales in the country has sky rocketed. It is quite obvious that this miraculous oil has won the hearts of many.

With that said, there are different ways of taking CBD oil. There are some individuals that choose to directly administer the oil into their mouth using a dropper or mouth spray. Others prefer absorbing it through their skin and this is achieved by adding the oil to body lotions or moisturizers. Majority, however, prefer vaping. This is one of the most enjoyable ways of taking cannabidiol oil.

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Where it is permitted outside UK

The legal status of CBD differs from one country to another and is constantly changing. The rules governing its use are also different. It is, for instance, legal in some of the states in U.S. whereas there are some states that still do not allow its use.

Final thoughts

The therapeutic benefits of cannabidiol oil cannot be stressed enough. Individuals all over the world, not just in the UK, are now opening their eyes to the great benefits that this incredible oil has to offer. The medical benefits linked to the oil outweigh the adverse effects caused by THC and that is why medical cannabis is legal in the United Kingdom. The UK government has, however, set a maximum THC concentration level of 0.2 percent and anything higher than that is considered illegal. Also, not just anyone can sell cannabis oil; you have to be a licensed medical supplier.